Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Effect of Oracle DB schema password modification on Hyperion system V11.1.2.2 configuration.

Recently came across a situation number of times and thought to share it here.

To give you brief idea, I am working on Hyperion EPM System V11.1.2.2 and the relational DB is Oracle 11.
The DB schema "hyp_hss" is used for Hyperion V11.1.2.2 Foundation services configuration. The password of DB schema got expired after some days.

As a normal solution, changed password for DB schema and did reconfiguration of Hyperion EPM System V11.1.2.2

After giving new credentials, got the error about DB Connection.
Though was able to connect to DB via sqlplus using same credentials, I was getting above error during EPM System V11.1.2.2 configuration.

This is due to previous credentials saved in "reg.properties" file at following location.

Delete "reg.properties" at above location and rerun the configuration. The file "reg.properties" is created with new credentials and the configuration is successful.

DCOM Configuration error in Hyperion EPM V11.1.2.2

While configuring Hyperion EPM System V11.1.2.2, faced error while configuring DCOM.

This is bug in Hyperion EPM V11. and Oracle has recently released patch to resolve it. But when the patch is not there, we can continue the configuration successfully as given below.

The modified dll file has been provided by Oracle to overcome DCOM configuration error.

Replace the new dll file at following location.

Note : Keep backup of original dll file in case if required.

Once the dll is replaces, rerun configuration and DCOM is configured successfully.