Thursday, July 30, 2015

Extracting Data file from HFM application

Here comes the situation.
I set up a new DEV environment for HFM. After installation and configuration was done, I was required to get current application in DEV.
First, application profile is created via HFM desktop client. Please refer following article to create application profile.

Then, through workspace, HFM application is created.

After we create an application, we load application elements like metadata, member lists, rules, and security files. 
Now, we can load multiple files and then the system loads files in proper sequence.

But if we are loading individual application elements, we need to load them in proper sequence given below:
1) Security
2) Metadata
3) Member Lists
4) Rules

There are many different ways to load application elements but here we are loading using extract and load tasks from workspace.

  • Application security
In workspace, open application.
Administration --> Extract tasks --> Extract Security.

Save the security file at required location.
Load security to new application from load tasks.

  • Application Metadata
From Extract Tasks, select Extract Metadata.

In the Delimiter Character text box, enter the character to be used i.e. “;” – semicolon  to separate the metadata in the file.

Select the Financial Management Application Format checkbox to extract the file in APP format. Clear the Financial Management Application Format checkbox to extract the file in XML format.

Select the types of metadata to extract and click Extract.

In the Download Instructions, click the Click here to download link.

Click Save.

Browse to your backup location. In the "Save as type" list, select All Files and click Save.
Navigate to your backup location and verify that the APP extract file was saved and provide this extract file with app extension.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Creating Application profile for HFM application

1.      Application profile introduction

Application profile is like base of application in Hyperion Financial Management.
Before creating any application, we need to create application profile file (.per) and then we can use this file to create any number of applications.
Following 4 dimensions are defined in Application profile. We can not change these dimensions further for application.
·         Period
·         Year
·         View
·         Custom

Application profile can be created only through desktop HFM client in all versions.

In v11.1.2.3, Desktop HFM client has only one functionality of creating application profile and managing metadata. All other functions like creating application, loading data, metadata etc are performed through web client.

2.      Profile creation

Open desktop HFM client and login using credentials.

 From left side menu à Application à Define application profile

 Create a New Application Profile

On the second screen, specify languages used in application. We are using English language in our application.

On the third screen, specify Period and Year dimensions.

On the fourth screen, frequencies of periods are mentioned.

On the fifth screen, our selection for dimensions View, Year, Peroid is displayed.
On the last screen, profile is saved at required location.

This profile file is saved and used while creating HFM application.
Same profile file can be used to create any number of HFM applications.