Thursday, March 31, 2022

Clean Uninstall of Oracle Hyperion EPM V11.2.7

Begin with uninstall

Any Oracle Hyperion Admin will agree – we definitely need to go through clean uninstall of system while implementing it for new client. I guess we had that day of uninstalling EPM 11.2.7 from our Integration server today.  
As it was pending from a long time after we started with Hyperion v11.2.7, here are basic steps to perform clean uninstall Oracle Hyperion EPM V11.2.7
 Uninstall using same admin account with which we have installed Hyperion EPM V11.2.

2.  Stop EPM Services

Stop all Oracle Hyperion EPM services created on server. (If any)

 3.  Uninstall related software

EPM uninstaller uninstalls JRE which comes with EPM installer. It is used for installation and configuration of any Hyperion products. The same JRE is used to uninstall related non-Hyperion software components like weblogic, OHS. So, if we proceed for EPM V11.2.7 uninstall, we cannot uninstall related software components by proper procedure and so we might end up in option of deleting folders and cleaning related stuff.

 Thus, it is very important to follow following steps before uninstalling EPM V11.2.7

Uninstall Weblogic

Run WL Uninstaller separately.
Unlike previous versions and previous Windows servers, could not find shortcut for Weblogic Windows Server 2019 and for EPM V11.2.7.
Instead of spending more time on understanding options available on 2019 server, used the batch file to uninstall weblogic. 

However this file gave error. After some due diligence , found that both Weblogic and OHS uninstall files are included in FMW 12 uninstaller.

 Uninstall OHS

 Run OHS Uninstaller separately. Included in FMW 12 uninstaller. 

Uninstall Oracle FMW 12

Run Oracle FMW 12 uninstaller separately

 Once we uninstall above products, check if the respective directories is removed from MIDDLEWARE_HOME.

3.  Uninstall Oracle EPM V11.2.7

Uninstall EPM System V11.2.7
Stop all Oracle Hyperion EPM services on server.
Uninstall Hyperion EPM system by running "uninstall.bat" located at "MIDDLEWARE_HOME\EPMSystem11R1\uninstall"

4.  Post uninstallation tasks

Check shortcuts

 Shortcuts should be removed.
Check from Start--> All Programs, all related shortcuts should have been removed.

Windows Registry

Check under Windows registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software and HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software whether the Brio > Hyperion > Oracle keys have been removed correctly.
Search registry and remove all the keys with keyword "Hyperion" or "Brio" or "Oracle"
With Oracle keyword, there will be keys for Oracle client which is installed as pre-requisite of EPM System.

Environment Variables

Following environment variables are created while installing hyperion EPM system and should be removed after uninstalling EPM system.

To confirm removal of environment variable, first check if the variable is still present.

If the environment variable is still present, delete it as below.
PATH variable

Check the PATH variable and delete any portions that need to be removed.

Manual File Deletion

Manually check the file system to see if any files or folders have been left behind. If any of these are left behind, they need to be removed manually.
    Ensure that <system drive>\Documents and Settings\<install_user>\.oracle.instance file has been deleted.
    Ensure that .oracle.products file in Middleware_Home\EPMSystem11R1 has been deleted.
    Remove any files left in the existing HYPERION_HOME if this location is to be re-used.
    Delete any BEA folder on the file system.
    Delete or rename installer records in C:\Program Files\common files\InstallShield\* if no other programs installed by this tool remain.
    Check for Oracle EPM related entries in the inventory.xml file located in C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\ContentsXML and remove these entries from the file.
    Clean up any remaining Hyperion-related files and directories under the user's install home. E.g. "D:\Oracle\Middleware"
Registry keys deletion
Registry keys which should be deleted:
    Delete any additional 'dds_proxy' settings in the registry.
    Delete any additional 'arborpath' entries in the registry.
    Delete any additional 'hyperion' entries in the registry.

Reboot the system

Please reboot the server after all the steps in the uninstallation have been performed. 
That makes server ready for new EPM 11.2.7 installation.