Monday, April 4, 2022

What is different about OHS server in Oracle EPM V11.2.7

 “Technology is no match for human errors.”

Every phase of every project, consultant will agree on this.
When we had referred the EPM V11.2.7 Installation-Configuration guide, remembered this point of explicit OHS restart. When actually coming to the end of configuration, checked Workspace URL and got following error.
Well, after remembering the OHS start point from guide, checked Workspace URL on Shared Services Weblogic port 28080 and it worked fine. We were able to access workspace. 

The first thing you may be wondering is: how do you start the OHS server? Well it's a change from the previous few versions as OHS no longer uses OPMN for this task. Instead it uses Node Manager. If you followed the official installation and configuration guide you should have a service like the below:

With that service running we have some helper scripts to get OHS online. Browse to MIDDLEWARE_HOME\user_projects\FND1\httpConfig\ohs\bin\. Then run the following command to start OHS and store the epm_admin credentials so you aren't prompted later:

startComponent.cmd ohs1 storeUserConfig

To stop OHS simply run the command:

stopComponent.cmd ohs1

From now on you can start OHS with:

startComponent.cmd ohs1

Above steps started the OHS server and hence workspace becomes available on 19000 port.