Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Diagnostic Errors in Hyperion EPM V11.1.2.2

Last few hours, I was struggling hard with our distributed Development environment of Hyperion EPM V11.1.2.2.
Sometimes, workspace was opening and I was not able to open any of HFM applications. I was getting some error.

To get clear idea, I generated diagnostic report.
The diagnostic report was full of RED rows :-( 

All these errors were related to WEB-Libraries.  I re-deployed HFM as well as Foundation and re-generated diagnostic report. But no success :-(

Finally got a proper solution.
This issue is identified as a software defect and logged as BUG 14343719 in version
1.       Stop all the Hyperion services.
2.       Go to Foundation server and navigate to the location
3.       Move the 'oracle.bicomposer.slib_template_11.1.1.jar' file  from
4.       Restart the services
Note: Do not re-deploy.

Afterwards, when diagnostic report is generated, it was all green and successful.

Cheers :-) Evolve With Hyperion :-)